Our silky Milk Chocolate Minis are perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Being so delicious and smooth, you can add these to any part of your day. Super naturally good with zero artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Ingredients: Sugar, Cacao Butter, Alpine Skimmed Milk Powder, Chocolate Liquor, Anhydrous Milk Fat, Sunflower Lecithin, Natural Flavor, Coconut Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

All Natural – Non-GMO – Gluten Free – No Artificial Flavors – No Artificial Colors – Lab Tested – Sustainably Sourced





Do you crave a sweet treat that’ll bring a smile to your face? D9 Milk Chocolate Minis are the answer! These irresistibly delicious mini chocolates will satisfy even the pickiest of chocolate lovers. They’re perfect for sharing with friends and family, or indulging in all by yourself. Here’s what makes these minis so special!

Product Overview

D9 Milk Chocolate Minis are bite-sized, individually wrapped chocolate treats. They make a great snack for adults and children alike. Made with real milk and cocoa butter, they offer an indulgent flavor that will satisfy any sweet tooth. The minis come in two sizes: regular and jumbo. Each size is perfect for snacking on the go or sharing with friends. Plus, they have no artificial colors or flavors! With their creamy texture and rich taste, these delicious chocolates are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. So why not treat yourself today? Enjoy D9 Milk Chocolate Minis anytime you need a quick pick-me-up or want something special for your next gathering.

Delta 9 Chocolate

Moving on, let’s take a closer look at Delta 9 Chocolate. This artisanal chocolate brand specializes in small-batch bean-to-bar chocolates made from ethically-sourced cacao beans. Their signature product is their d9 Milk Chocolate Minis, which are crafted with pure cocoa butter and whole milk powder for an extra creamy texture. The minis come in resealable bags that preserve the freshness of each piece for up to 12 months.

These delicious treats offer a complex flavor profile of caramelized sugar and subtle notes of vanilla, creating a truly unique experience. Plus, they’re gluten free, GMO free, and all natural! Whether you enjoy them as part of your favorite dessert or simply as an indulgent snack throughout the day, these tasty bites will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Taste Profile

D9 Milk Chocolate Minis offer a delicious, smooth and creamy taste that is perfect for any sweet tooth. These mini chocolates feature rich cocoa flavor notes with a hint of sweetness. Here are some key points about their taste profile:

  • Rich Cocoa Flavor – The chocolate has an intense cocoa flavor, making it the perfect snack for those who crave something decadent.
  • Smooth & Creamy Texture – The texture is soft and creamy, so you can enjoy these treats without feeling overly full or heavy.
  • Subtle Sweetness – There’s just enough sweetness to make this treat enjoyable without being too sugary.
  • Balanced Flavors – All of the flavors work together in harmony to create a balanced taste experience.
  • The minis are small enough to be enjoyed as an after-dinner treat or as part of a light snack throughout the day. With its intense cocoa flavor and subtle sweetness, every bite will leave your tastebuds wanting more!

Delta 9 Benefits

Delta 9 Milk Chocolate Minis have a number of benefits that make them the perfect treat. The first is their size – they are designed to be mini treats, so you won’t feel guilty about indulging in more than one piece at once. They also contain no preservatives or added sugar, making them an ideal option for people looking for a healthier snack alternative with fewer calories and less fat.

In addition, Delta 9 Milk Chocolate Minis are made from premium cocoa beans which gives them a rich flavor unlike any other chocolate on the market. This ensures that every bite contains delicious flavor and smooth texture that will satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth. All these factors combine to make Delta 9 Milk Chocolate Minis an irresistible snack choice!

Nutritional Value Of Delta 9 Chocolate

Moving on from the benefits of Delta 9 chocolate, let’s explore its nutritional value. Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, Delta 9 Milk Chocolate Minis are a great source of essential nutrients. Every serving contains Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E and K as well as iron and calcium – which means it can help keep your body healthy.

The mini bars also contain natural sources of fiber to keep you regular, plus magnesium for better heart health. With no added sugar or preservatives, these snacks make an excellent choice if you’re looking for something sweet without all the unhealthy extras. They’re low in calories too – perfect for those watching their weight! All this adds up to a delicious treat that’s good for both body and soul.

Serving Suggestions Of Delta 9

Delta 9 Milk Chocolate Minis are a delicious and versatile treat. They make an excellent addition to any dessert or snack platter, as their small size makes them ideal for sharing. Their creamy texture also lends itself to being melted down and used in recipes such as chocolate chip cookies, brownies, cake frosting, fondue, and more. As a topping or garnish on ice cream sundaes or milkshakes, Delta 9 minis add the perfect finishing touch.

The possibilities of how to enjoy these yummy morsels are endless! Whether you’re hosting a party or just looking for something special to indulge in yourself, Delta 9 Milk Chocolate Minis can satisfy your sweet tooth cravings without breaking the bank. So go ahead – be creative with your treats and let Delta 9 take care of the rest!


I’ve been lucky enough to taste Delta 9 Chocolate Minis for myself, and I can tell you that they are truly delicious. The smooth texture and intense chocolate flavor make them a great snack or dessert. Not only do they satisfy my sweet tooth, but the health benefits of Delta 9 Chocolate make it even more appealing. With its high levels of antioxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, and iron, it’s no surprise why this unique treat is becoming so popular.


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